Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pakistani internal conficts brought Drones Back

Karachi: Pakistani internal conflict brought drones back in Pakistan with latest incident in Miramshah a US drone killed 3 people. 

The US drone were Lulled since 26 November Salala check post attack by Nato, in which 26 Pakistani Troops were killed. In reaction Pakistan closed a US base and halted Nato supplies through Pakistan to Afghanistan.

After that memogate scandal echoed in Pakistani courts which created rifts between Pakistani power handlers. Army and ISI chiefs seemed parting ways from Zardari government and Nawaz Sharif echoed more power fully in Supreme Court.

On 10th of January, Supreme court gave a verdict and blamed Prime Minister that he was a man which seems to be not believed, and Pakistani media bubbled the idea that the present government is going to be dissolved. 

With the situation out of control and Army and Government left with out coordination the drones once again infiltrated back to kill innocent people on the ground. 

One thing was very strange that neither Pakistani Government nor Pakistani media gave any reaction or notice on the attack. 

Today when its time to unite the Nation, many failed politicians along with some advanturers are set to put the country in a situation of no return.

Even many people think that the memogate scandal may be a US conspiracy.

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