Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is Memogate Scandal a US conspiracy ?

Is Memogate Scandal a US conspiracy The memo gate issue came to scene, after relation between Pakistan and United States have strained due to 26 November attack on Pakistani check post which killed 26 Army, in reaction Pakistan closed Nato supplies and Shamsi base. 

Memogate issue seems to be a planned scheme to disrupt the Pakistani government by creating mistrust between Pakistani military and the political government.

The issue also forced resignation of Pakistan’s Ambassador to US, Hussain Haqqani, which could not cool down the wrath of military particularly the Inter Services Intelligence. Their dominant opinion is that Zardari’s government, particularly Hussain Haqqani, is involved in the issue that was meant to compromise the national security and sovereignty. 

The military-government standoff still continues, though the government is making all out efforts to dispel any such impression of hostility with the military and as part of the very game, Zardari has returned from Dubai, despite the fact that he has not recuperated well from his illness. 

During this whole episode, the role of the United States has been indifferent. The Obama administration earlier abstained from it and later in a comment, Admiral Mike Mullen could only term it Pakistan’s internal issue. 

The very indifference of the US has raised doubts and concerns among office holders of the current Pakistani government. Zardari, who wanted to seek US support in return for giving US an influence over the defense institutions and installations of the country to prolong his power, would be the first person to be concerned. 

Secondly, the memo can be the masterpiece of the US administration to topple the PPP government and place a better substitute that may safeguard the superpower’s interests in Pakistan, causing concerns from top to bottom in the ruling party.

The plot to use the military for dismantling the democracy cannot be ruled out, as, in his article, Mansoor Ijaz also wrote that ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha had gotten go-ahead from some Arab States, which are friends with the US, to impose a coup in Pakistan. This also raised fury among some Pakistani politicians, who demand that Pasha be interrogated on the pattern Haqqani is being done on. 

The Supreme Court of Pakistan should dare initiate inquiry against the ISI chief, who might be in a better position to disclose some secrets to help the court to find the real truth behind that unsigned piece of paper

Ambassador Hussain Haqqani has been continuously sticking to his stance that he had nothing to do with the memo, but the military authorities keep on alleging his involvement in it. 

Although US security advisor James Jones have thrown a lifeline to Haqqani, submitting an affidavit with the apex court claiming that Haqqani had not written the memo, it is yet to be seen whether it can lend any help to Haqqani, whose family is much concerned about his future. 

The role of US in this regard has been unsatisfactory. Had the Obama administration been sincere with Pakistan’s democratic set up, it could have easily ebb away pressure from it by making timely intervention before the matter was moved to the court for thorough interrogation.

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