Sunday, May 18, 2014

How to Earn Money Online without investing a penny

If you want to earn money online for free and are you tired of scams than follow me as I have been clicking on PTC sites since 2009 and I found that 80% PTC sites scam and fraud. Since than I have been in search of best paying sites and I found following Five top paying sites. These sites not only pay well but pay for sure.

If you want to earn money than click the links provided here and signup for the sites.
For this you need (i) an active email account (to verify your account) (ii) You would be asked to create free online pay account (your money will be later on transferred in these accounts for example, Paypal, Payza, or mobile account Paytoo). Since Paypal doesn't work in few countries like Pakistan so you better go for Payza and Paytoo free accounts.

Here are top five surely paying PTC sites

To create a free account click on the link below and after you reach on neobux site click signup and follow the instructions. Neobux is a click to paid site which pays its customers for viewing the sites, it also pays its customers for completing the little tasks, and if you upgrade your account to gold than you may earn more money, you may also refer others to this site via your link and you will be paid for their clicks also. But remember you are only allowed to click at least from three computers otherwise your account may be blocked. Neobux pays via payza so it is advised to create payza account via neobux. 

Clixsense is also a good paying site and gurantees the payment but it pays through Paytoo mobile account. Click the link below and signup for a free account on Clixsnese and don't forget to create a Paytoo mobile wallet free account. You may also earn money via viewing the sites and completing the little tasks and by refering other to create account via your affiliate link.

To join Clixsense for free Click here.


Probux is also a good paying site which pays good from all above sites and works on same principals as above. You have to link your probux account for payments to your already created Payza account.


Ojooo is also a very good paying site which pays and promotes its subscribers, you can by referrals and get direct referrals via your affiliate link. Click the link below and signup for free to enjoy earning money online. You can use your Payza account for money transactions.

Click here to create Free Ojooo account


 Clixview provides four .005 clicks and many .001 clicks for free users. Similarly signup for free and join the sites. You can use your Payza account for transactions. 

Click here to create Free Clixview account



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