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The Legend of Sindh, Life of Soreh Badshah Pir Sabghatullah Shah Rashdi

Soreh Badshah (Pir Pagaro the 6th), father of current Pir Pagara, was hanged by the British Rulers on 20th March, 1943 in Central Jail Hyderabad. 

During the British rule, Pir Pagaro declared his community “Hur” (free from British slavery). The British tried to crush the uprising and that started an armed resistance by Hurs. Ultimately the British passed the infamous law “Hur Act” where the entire Hur community was declared criminals and were ordered to be shot to death on sight.
The Hurs continued their struggle even after the hanging of the Pir Sahib, right up to the time of the independence of Pakistan, Pakistan having acquired the status of an independent country. 

The British were forced by Hurs and a number of other movements to leave the ‘Jewel in the British Crown’. Pir Pagaro Sayyed Sibghatullah Shah was hanged on March 20, 1943 in the Central Jail Hyderabad, Sindh. His burial place is not known and is still a mystry and the British left Pakistan in four years’ time on 14th of August 1947.

The sons of Sibghatullah Shah Shaheed were brought to Pakistan in December 1951 . The elder son, Pir Sikandar Shah, Shah Mardan Shah, became the new Pir in February 1952.

Shah Mardan Shah II is the current Pir Pagaro Soreh Badshah the Victorious King) is the title given to this great man by the people and historians. . 

Sibghtullah Shah II [Soreh Badshah] became Pir Pagara when he was only 12 years old. Very soon he realized that British officer’s behavior towards Sindhi people was insulting and Humiliating, he resented and rose voiced against British rulers. He organized, encouraged and determined to continue struggle against British rulers.

As a result Marsha law was imposed by British rulers to control hur movement. Pir Sahib made Grange Bungalow as his general head quarter. He with planning, recruited his followers for armed struggle. They were trained for fight and to continue armed struggle. 

This Pir Sahib raised slogan “home land or Coffin, Independence or death”. 

After the arrest of Pir Sahib Hurs increased their activities against Government.

In terms of his family background, his lineage directly descending from the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) family . Revered not only by a large portion of Sindhis, but even among those of northwestern India and as far as Mauritius. 

The role of Colonel Freddie Young in the suppression of the Hur uprising and his efforts to save the lives of the Pir’s sons are all a matter of record, Mr Cargill, district magistrate at the time of the Pir’s execution, bearing testimony to the man’s extreme courage in the face of death. 

The Pir is said to have played chess with his jailer throughout the night prior to his execution and won every game. It was probably only the Sindh which had compelled the colonial power that to impose Martial law here in 1942 in the back drop of Hur movement and that no other state of that time India went through such oppression. 

Hur movement of Sindh was even of a great impetus than of Reshmi Romal Tehrik, etc. Hur movement was probably the outstandingly unique, vibrant armed uprising of 20th century in the subcontinent against the colonial ruler. No MahaRaja, Khan or Pir, from any part of the subcontinent stood against them as our great hero Pir Pagara stood up against them. 

In Sindh, he was a lord of the lords. The singular powerful family of Sindh after the Mirs’ downfall. He had a dream to make Sindh and subcontinent get freedom. His predecessors were also against the British rule. They never accepted any awards from the colonists. But during his time when second world war broke out, he thought, time is ripe to wage a gorilla war against the colonial invaders. 

He had the common thought like many of comrades such as Subash Chander Bosh. He lived with him in Jail and After living in jail, he gave up lavish living and adopted a simplicity. 

He was hanged at the young age of 35 And even his grave is not yet known for he was buried very secretly. British colonist were scared of Hurs. 

British killed thousands of Hurs. Even air bombardment was made on them. They were forced to live in war camps, along their children. It was a open order to kill Hur anywhere he was found. Yes political thoughts is every one’s own thought where we/one should show tolerance but on National Issues it should be ONE VOICE. Sooreh Badshah Pir Pagaro is no individual’s property but a National Asset , if there is anyone of significance in the armed freedom struggle of the motherland, he is Shaheed Pir Sahib Pagaro Soheh Badshah. he is a pearl in the rich ocean of Sindh’s history.

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