Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tariq Khosa Pulls out as Memo Probe Panel Chief

ISLAMABAD: Tariq Khosa regretted on Saturday that he was unable to accept the job as Memo Probe Panel Chief three days after the Supreme Court named him.

“To protect and preserve the evidence, we would like to appoint a commission comprising a competent officer for the purpose of collecting evidence on the issues,” the Supreme Court had said in its order. 
It had also directed the registrar of the court to address a letter on behalf of the court to Mr Khosa in order to obtain his consent or otherwise. 

Mr Khosa, a former PSP officer, has worked as narcotics secretary, FIA director general and inspector general of Balochistan. Currently, he is serving as a delegate for Asia on the Interpol’s executive committee. 

“It is not possible to carry out an additional responsibility.” said Mr Khosa in a  letter to Supreme Court He also thanked the court to appoint him Panel chief but expressed inability to perform the job.

Former law minister Babar Awan and other PPP leaders at a press conference targeted the personality of Mr Khosa by stating that he was the brother of Punjab chief secretary and a sitting judge of the Supreme Court.

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