Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paradise or Earth, Nasa finds first habitable Planet

Nasa have claimed that they  have found first habitable planet 600 light years away from our earth. Kepler-22b is a newly confirmed exoplanet, orbiting a Sun-like star 600 light years away from Earth. 

The exoplanet sits in the "habitable zone"—a range of orbits around a star that are, based on what we know about life on Earth, most likely to provide the right conditions for life to happen. 

The Planet has a consistent temperature of 22 degree Celsius which is quite cool . Even some optimists are hoping that it might be Paradise. 

Some say although it is is pretty cool. But it does not mean there must be life on Kepler-22b. there's a lot we don't know about this exoplanet yet, and "within the habitable zone" is not a guarantee of habitability. Case in point: Our solar system. Earth is within the Sun's habitable zone. But so are Mars and Venus, and you may have noticed that they are not especially teeming with life.

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