Saturday, December 24, 2011

Makhdoom Javed Hashmi Announces to Join Imran Khan

Multan : Senior vice president of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Sharif, Makhdom Javed Hasmi has finally announced that he is joining PTI. 

Earlier local PML'N' members tried to block Javed Hashmi's road in a bid to stop him from taking flight to Karachi but he managed to reach Multan Airport. 

His announcement to Join PTI came at Multan airport, answering a question from media he said that he wants no position in PTI. 

Javed Hashmi said that he disagrees inheritance politics of PML'N'  and likes Imran khan's way of politics which rejects any inheritance in a political party. 

Javed Hashmi managed all issues of PML'N' while Nawaz Sharif was abroad by signing a deal with General Musharaf.

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