Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Iranian Scientist makes World's tiniest microphone

Tehran: According to reports an Iranian researcher has invented the world's tiniest capacitor microphone that can be used in making small and invisible hearing aids.

The said microphone is build by Bahram Azizollah-Ganji, a faculty member of Noushirvani University of Technology in the northern city of Babol, the size of small microphone is only 0.5 x 0.5 mm . 

The device, which is the tiniest microphone in the world, is mainly developed for minute and invisible hearing aids, Ganji said. 

The newly invented device can also be used to receive the exact sound of the heart for diagnosing heart problems and examining the health of fetus. 

Ganji said his invention could also be used for other purposes such as fishing, underwater surveillance systems and to measure sound waves and ultrasound waves for identifying different marine animals. Telecommunications systems, information collection devices and defense systems can also benefit from the tiny microphone. 

Now preparing for world record, the microphone is not visible with naked eyes. High sensitivity, low cost, low power and voltage consumption are among the advantages of the device.

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