Friday, December 9, 2011

Iranian Cyber Army Claims It Hijacked Top Secret US Drone

Tehran : Iran has put US secret spy drone on display in a bid to prove that US has violated its air space and US high-altitude stealth drone has penetrated 250 kilometres inside the Islamic republic’s air space, according to state media. 

The Secret Drone was known as the Beast of Kandahar and earlier Iran said it shot the drone down, but the U.S. maintains it crashed due to a malfunction.

In a letter of protest to the United Nations, the government of Iran said “the American RQ-170 spy plane violated 250 kilometres inside Iranian airspace before confronting the reaction of Iran’s armed forces,” 

Iran has now claimed that its Cyber Army has allegedly taken control of the US drone and landed it safely on the ground.

 Although, Iran's claim can not be verified but still it weighs as the displayed US drone was shown fully intact and with no signs of damage on it.

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