Monday, November 28, 2011

Killer Tiger finally captured by Authorities in Abbotabad

ABOTTABAD: The wildlife authorities have finally succeeded in capturing a leopard that killed two children and several cattle in the Galiyat region of Abbottabad District. 

The Leopard had killed two children and cattle worth Rs2 million in the forest area of Baren Gali, and wildlife authorities placed traps in the areas where the animal used to hunt frequently.

On Saturday evening, the leopard appeared from the bushes and was trapped while chasing a dog, officials said. The cat was later sedated and shifted to the divisional wildlife officer’s office, from where it will be sent to a zoo. 

Muhammad Hanif Khan, a wildlife official, said that the leopard was an endangered specie known as panthra pardus, which is found in the forest areas of Margalla, Kaghan, Galyat and Swat. 

The estimated age of the cat is to be more than 10 years, while its length excluding the tail is stated to be around seven feet and eight inches. The head size of the leopard is estimated to be around one feet, while its claws are around six inches long.

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