Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Story of Earth Quake Boy, Who survived for five days

Ercis, Turkey : The 13 years old boy, who remain buried for five days after an earthquake survived by drinking rain that dripped through the rubble around him.

The rescue happened in Ercis, the eastern Turkish town hardest hit by Sunday's 7.2 magnitude quake which left at least 575 people dead and 2,608 injured. Thousands of survivors have been left homeless.

The boy Ferhat Tokay had been working in a shoe shop on the first floor of the seven-storey building when it collapsed.

"It's a great miracle. He told me he prayed and when he said all his prayers he recited the national anthem." said boy's mother.

Although rescue workers had told his relatives there was no chance of finding him alive. But exhausted medic Baris Dogan said: "We started digging and we saw his hand. Then we started speaking to him. He said, 'I'm hungry and thirsty'."

"He didn't even have a scratch on him!" boy's uncle told media

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