Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Secret Pakistan, BBC Documentary puts serious allegation on Pakistan

London: A BBC documentary "Secret Pakistan" has explored accusations by CIA officials and Western diplomats that Islamabad is failing to live up to its alliances in the war on terror. 

The documentary is based on interviews of detained prisoners in Kabul jail, and states the story of one prisoners in a prison cell on the outskirts of Kabul. 

The Afghan Intelligence Service is holding a young man who alleges he was recruited earlier this year by Pakistan's powerful military intelligence agency, the ISI. 

He says he was trained to be a suicide bomber in the Taliban's intensifying military campaign against the Western coalition forces - and preparations for his mission were overseen by an ISI officer in a camp in Pakistan. 

While denying links to the Taliban, Pakistan insists that it is doing no more than what any country would do in similar circumstances. "We cannot disregard our long term interest because this is our own area," said General Athar Abbas, chief spokesman for Pakistan's military.

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