Sunday, October 9, 2011

PML-F ministers not tissue papers, Says Pir Pagara

Karachi: Pakistan Muslim League Functional Chairman, Pir Pagara has said that his party ministers are not tissue papers and they will left the government if a single ministry is taken away from them. 

“We are not parting ways with government as yet. We will say good-bye to the government if ministries are taken from our ministers and given to others. PPP always somersaults.

The ministries promised to us were not given. PML-F supported PPP in hard times and we are not tissue papers which are thrown after they are used”, he was talking to media on Saturday. 

Pir Pagara further said that the government knew it well if PML-F had not supported then it would have to face difficulties. “Our reconciliation was with President Zardari and not with Qaim Ali Shah”, he added.

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