Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Khyber Car: How Could i get its glory Back Part-2

Before I Proceed further Let me give you some brief about my previous part in which i showed you how my khyber car looked Before and what happened after I paid 10,000 Rupees to a dentor to fix some inner repairs. The Dentor had did his job and now Painter has started working which will, according to him take 25-30 days. I paid him 20,000 for the job. He has been working very hard since 14 day and here is his out put.  

Before Starting these repairs my car looked like this

Front Bonnet and Mud Guards Replaced with new on

Instrument Panel Removed and Inner Body Repaired 

Doors Removed and Repaired

Rear Screens and Electric Circuits Removed

Whole Vehicle Realigned

Wind Screen Removed

Engine and other accessories Removed and Repaired

Rear Doors Repaired and Put under paint process

The Paint Process is underway

Two out of four quotes of paint precessed 

Two out of four quotes of paint processed from out side 

After Completion of Paint process from out side 

The inner process will be started.

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